New FCC and e-rate

Educators – if your school makes use of the e-rate, you should probably pay attention to what is going on with the FCC. According to Education Week, the FCC has rescinded a report describing the success of the e-rate program.

The report will have “no legal or other effect or meaning going forward,” according to the commission’s order.

An FCC spokesman said the report “does not reflect the official views of the agency.” A copy remains available on the agency’s website.

Titled “E-Rate Modernization: Progress and the Road Ahead,” the document describes the impact of the FCC’s 2014 effort to overhaul the E-rate program, which helps subsidize the cost of telecommunications services for public schools and libraries. In addition to raising the program’s annual spending cap from $2.4 to $3.9 billion, Wheeler and the commission’s Democratic majority approved regulations prioritizing broadband and Wi-Fi, increasing competition in the school-broadband market, and making a wide range of data related to the program publicly available.

I can’t say I have read the full-report, but the report concerns goals and accomplishments.

I know Senator Franken (D – Minnesota) has been big on connectivity issues. Perhaps there is something on his web site.

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