DocentEDU is now InsertLearning

When you write about educational technology, you put in a permanent form descriptions of a moving target. In writing about the possibilities of Layering educator/designer guidance on online resources, I have selected several key examples and one of these services has been DocentEDU. I had the opportunity when generating the content that I did that the developers were thinking about changing the name of their service. Docent makes perfect sense if you know what a docent does and what the service is intended to do. I am guessing many educators did not make the connection so the developers were considering a name change. I knew this might happened and with a manuscript ready to be published I waited a couple months, but then decided to go ahead. Sure enough, the name change followed in short order.

DocentEDU is now InsertLearning. I am pretty much indifferent to the names – either works for me and both will be vague to some. Deciding on a title is not easy – Layering for Learning is just as vague. I do like the service and recommend that educators who want to break away from heavy use of textbooks take a look.

I have generated some video descriptions you may find helpful.

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