Browser improvements stress ad avoidance

Both Google and Apple held recent events to announce improvements to their products and services.

Among the upgrades announced by Apple at WWDC were some interesting improvements to the Safari browser. These changes, explained as security improvements, involve the display of ads. Safari will block self-playing video (this was described during the keynote as “you can press play yourself”). The browser “reader mode” will offer a clean view of content blocking ads when used as the default and machine learning will block ads that allow the cross-site display of ads (this is the feature that learns about your interests in one location and then presents ads related to such interests when viewing another site).

Google has announced its own approach to blocking inappropriate ads on Chrome. Obviously, Google makes most of its money from ads so it is not against all ads. Inappropriate ads are those that pop up over the content to be read or in some way require the attention of the reader.

The media has offered a variety of takes on these approaches noting that Apple assumes there is nothing to lose by blocking all ads and Google will emphasize the less intrusive ads key the Google business model.

Wired analysis

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