Buyer beware and aware

After a tech discussion with a Best Buy guy yesterday, Cindy decided we were being overcharged for our home access. She was told we would receive a considerably lower rate by switching from CenturyLink to Comcast. She called Centurylink today to discuss the matter and ended up with a monthly reduction from $70 something to $40 or so and no charge for the modem. This is the second time this kind of thing happened. What seems to happen is that rate or speed changes are instituted, but existing customers are not contacted. The existing higher rate or slower speed remains in effect until the customer asks for a change. This just seems like a crazy way to do business. I probably would have switched to Comcast our of frustration, but this seems to be the way it goes in this sector of the economy. It is also the reason I object to the more business-oriented policies of the FCC. Clearly customers do not come first. It is not only buyer beware, but buyer be aware.

On a related matter, I also just saw this news story regarding CenturyLink.

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