DeVos Priorities

In general, I believe Betsy DeVos is poorly prepared to serve as Secretary of Education and that with the talent available she was a very uninformed pick. However, since such beliefs cannot influence the decisions made or the decision maker, I suppose it useful to understand the DeVos vision.

This article in U.S. News and World Report does a nice job of outlining the DeVos priorities. There is little in this list I regard as unique or dangerous with the exception of the focus on school choice and efficiency in the use of taxpayer resources. These are issues that are certainly worth exploring as policy issues, but the issues can also be very divisive. What do the data suggest about school choice and the consequences to all schools and students involved? What is the relationship between public expenditure and the quality of those attracted to the profession of teaching? Are public expenditures impacting learners in an equitable fashion?

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