New Neutrality Vote

The FCC will soon vote on net neutrality. It appears the vote will go 3-2 against maintaining neutrality. I have written for several years explaining my opposition to this change (use tag to view previous posts).

This is largely a decision to benefit big business and it is often argued by Pai (FCC chair) that this is a way to encourage innovation. It is not a vote for Internet users or for small Internet companies and providers. A change in present standards will allow providers to control the speed of access to specific online services and possibly whether you can see what you want to see. These changes benefit those established providers able to pay for a fast lane. If you live in many parts of the country, you have no choice in who your provider is so you are completely at the mercy of the priorities of that provider. The Internet and Internet services were not built by these large companies. Simply put, they control the “last mile” that allows you to connect. They do not generate the services and content you use nor are they responsible for the “backbone”.

The FCC ignored the request of 20 million-plus citizens who responded to their call for comment. At this point, your only recourse is to appeal to your senators. Minnesota senators have long been neutrality defenders so my appeal matters little (I did send a note). Contact your senator if you disagree with the repeal of the neutrality standard.

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