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The NetFlix deal is good only for entertainment junkies

Okay, so you now can binge on Netflix without the annoying delays as your download catches up. Was this a deal with the devil? The answer is likely a matter of which companies can negotiate (pay) for full speed access. Tim Wu, who is credited with coining the term Net Neutrality, identifies the history of […]
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Scott Ingram on Net Neutrality

The recent ruling on net neutrality should be something we follow. I came across this “This Week in Google” podcast and thought Scott Ingram did a great job of explaining the issues and present standing of the issue. He mentioned an article he wrote for GigaOM on this topic and it also provides a great […]
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Verizon Sues FCC

The Washington Post reports that Verizon is suing the FCC contending that the net neutrality rules limiting the restrictions providers can impose are too restrictive. The object to the expectation that providers cannot control content. For example, the rules prevent wireless operators from blocking Internet voice applications, such as Vonage and Skype. So part of […]
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Comcast/NBC Venture – I don’t know what to think

I have been writing in support of the net neutrality cause for several years (e.g., a recent post describing core concepts in Tim Wu’s book). Today, it appears that the FCC approved a joint venture of cable provider Comcast and content creator NBC. This is exactly the type of arrangement Wu, who proposed the phrase […]
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