The predictable turbulence as the wave roles through

Some of these ideas (UW Prof predicts Trump win) remind me of observations Toffler made some decades ago in the Third Wave. He notes that significant advances bring a period of disruption and the romanticization of the good old days. Typically, the good old days were not actually that good and the advances made have momentum for valid reasons. Changes this country faces such as climate change, increasing globalization, and the increasing diversity of the U.S. threaten the way many have grown to see their personal worlds. The thing is, their personal worlds are not reality and the examples they allow to influence their beliefs are not consistent with statistical trends that argue otherwise. This issue has become more problematic as political leaders promote falsehoods without remorse. Anxiety is understandable, but resistance to inevitable pressures because many think they would rather live in the past slows productive adaptations and ignores opportunities. Clean energy will provide employment opportunity. New ideas from different cultures and bright minds not jaded by entitlements or the priority of personal wealth will drive advances.

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