Zuckerberg visits North Dakota

Mark Zuckerberg does some very interesting things as a self-directed learner. One year he read a book every two weeks. I tried to keep up for a while. Many of the books just did not interest me and while I did read some I was unable to keep up. I know he spent some time learning Mandarin and gave a speech in the language. Here I decided he was clearly a better man than I and did not even give this a try. Now, he is visiting one city in each state. I have visited every state, but this has been across my entire lifetime. I have even spent some time writing about my more recent travels and wish I could find the time to include my earlier comments with my more recent travel blog. He hopes to learn about people and their interests from his observations. Curiosity is obviously important to big thinkers and those who have the means to act on what they can observe.

Zuckerberg has visited North Dakota and recently posted his observations. Mark’s choice in North Dakota was Williston as a way to learn about fracking. You have to admire Zuckerberg’s passion and openness. It is one thing to travel and observe, but I find it impressive that he then takes the time to write about what he learned and what he thought. He takes in a lot and describes some interesting details of how the ebb and flow of oil extraction has influenced the local economy and way of life. He pulls no punches and includes his thoughts on the importance of clean energy as a way to address climate change.

Like many blogs, this collection of observations is worth following.

[in Minnesota Zuckerberg met with Somali refugees and played a little hockey]

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