The real issues we should be debating

I need someone to blame. I want to talk about important political policy issues and there is so much attention being paid to personalities and appropriate behavior. Since the Republicans are in power and Pres. Trump does so many inappropriate things I blame them. They control the conversation and seem accepting of the present focus. I guess if you can set the agenda you can get away with this. However, this is a terrible long-term strategy and voting them out could well be the end result of this strategy.  

I would rather comment on:

  • The involvement of Russian actors in our political process, how they are influencing U.S. citizens, and yes, whether Republican actors played any role during the run-up to the election.
  • The budget and how the budget will likely influence the present level of income inequality. In addition, how the budget will influence the national debt and how this increased debt will be addressed.
  • Immigration. What is a reasonable commitment to the national interest (the best and the brightest) and what is the obligation of this country in responding to various crises around the world.
  • Healthcare. Why does this country with all of its assets do such a poor job when it comes to healthcare? What can be done to address the healthcare needs of those who truly need assistance?
  • Net neutrality. My personal interests are heavily invested in technology and Internet issues. Why is our Internet service so inferior to other countries and what can be done to provide an online environment to encourage economic growth, educational opportunity, and to provide a voice for all?
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