It wasn’t just the Russian bots

I am not a political scientist, but I do appreciate their collection of data. With all of the weird claims being made by politicians, I look for data and ignore pronouncements to understand what I observe.

This Mother Jones article summarizes a study from a research group at Oxford. Just to be clear, the source for the data are the Oxford researchers and not the Mother. Jones writers.

The researchers identified right and left-oriented individuals posting to Twitter and Facebook and then counted the frequency of watch list, junk news, and mainstream news articles promoted by both groups. Conservatives accounted for much more of the watch list and junk news references and liberals more of the mainstream news stories. Of course, conservatives assume the mainstream news sources are biased and so rely on “no spin” propaganda .

Ok, that list sentence was more opinion than data, but you can read the original content for yourself and see if you. Moe to a different conclusion.

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