We intend this site as a type of portal - an access point for sharing resources and ideas associated with educational uses of the participatory web. We have some resources which we hope will encourage you to visit often, but the idea is to encourage you to contribute as well.

So - feel free to look around and come back frequently to see how this project evolves.

Learning Aloud - main blog

Bookmarked resources

Diigo Links - social bookmarking site associated with our textbook

Shaarli - broader collection of education resources

Layering for Learning - these resources support my most recent book and consist of videos demonstrating tools that are described in the book and similar tools as they become available.

Integrating Technology for Meaningful Learning (Grabe/Grabe6) - This collection of resources is intended as a supplement to our textbook. Use of the book is not required to examine and use these resources.

Meaningful Learning and the Participatory Web - This site is an entry point (a portal) to our efforts to explore the specific topic of the participatory web. We offer an online "book" providing an overview of this topic and invite registered participants to share their insights. Our focus is on pre-service and in-service teachers.

Blurts - this is a "short form" or microblog. We use this site mostly to share resources others may find useful, but also to make short comments. Feel free to register and add content.

The Curmudgeon Speaks - this is where I write for fun. I make no claims of any value for the material appearing here.



Meaningful Learning

And The

Participatory Web