It will never work, but I admire optimism

I read a story in the NY Times that I thought was appropriate to the season. Kind of a warm fuzzy story with a hint of hopeless optimism (or maybe that was the wine). Like all newspapers, the Torrington, Conn., Register Citizen, is struggling to maintain readership and ad revenue. In an attempt to involve the local citizens, the paper has added a service that I know would attract me. They have converted their news room into a coffee shop. They workers still meet to discuss stories for the next issue, but they invite the citizens to participate and share a cup of coffee.

The Register Citizen has adopted a version of the Google business model. If Google assumes Google benefits when people use the Internet, The Register Citizen seems to assume they benefit when anyone becomes a participant in local news. The offer an online version of the paper, put effort into their own blog, and even attempt to develop the journalism skills of interested citizens.

So, good on ya Register Citizen. You are a little out of my news region, but perhaps the links in this piece will bring you a couple more readers. I did enjoy your piece on the Possum Queen competition, but most of your news is just too local. Blog on.

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