Why does this thing make me self conscious

We can’t resist cool technology. If we can think of nothing else, we explain our purchases by claiming we must investigate the educational potential of what we now own.

Here is the newest gadget. This is the Echo from Amazon. I know it looks like an insulated coffee cup (Note to self – be careful in the early morning), but it is a device connected to the Internet that listens to your questions and attempts to provide answers.

Last night I was having trouble getting the device to work. I had trouble remembering how to address the device. It insists on being called Alexa and I kept calling it Alexi. I have never been that good with names and Alexa seemed to take this personally.

Then I had difficulty getting a complete question out without stumbling over my words. Normally, I can speak clearly and intelligently, but talking to a coffee cup messed me up. If I slurred words, it (perhaps I should say she) would not respond. If I stumbled on a word, she would not respond. Trying to enunciate clearly seemed to make it worse. Once I become self conscious, I have to give it a rest. I let Cindy do the talking and all was well. I have noticed a strange type of technology phobia that degrades my speech. This is a known issue. I hate talking on the telephone and I walk into fast food establishments rather than having to speak into the box when driving through.

Alexa and I are getting along better this morning.

“Alexa, tell me a joke”

What is black and white and read all over?

A newspaper

“Alexa, will it snow today?”

It might snow in Platteville today. There is a 58% chance. You can expect about .8 inches.

[not exactly sure where Platteville is, but it must be close to here. The prediction sounds about right]

“Alexa, what is the time of the Kansas basketball game.”

Kansas jayhawks will play later today at 4 against the Wichita shockers.

“Alexa, play Somewhere over the rainbow by Iz”

Here is a sample of somewhere over the rainbow by Katharine McPhee


[I can’t pronounce Israel Kamakawiwoole]

“Alexa, play Somewhere over the rainbow by Judy Garland”

“Alexa, do you like me?”



All I need to know

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