Elitist or Idealist

The post performance comments of the cast of Hamilton directed at Mr. Pence brought some interesting reactions. Mr. Pence responded by assuring the public that the new administration will have a place for everyone. Mr. Trump responded more quickly and demanded an apology.
My immediate interpretation was biased by a personal stereotype. I assume that “the arts” are populated by more individuals with minority sexual orientations and I know that Mr. Pence has views of those with different sexual orientations that are archaic and with related behavioral treatment approaches that are scientifically unsubstantiated. Any frustration with this Pence bias was but a very small part of what was said.
I am guessing that many did not listen to or read the comments from the Hamilton cast. I would challenge anyone to clearly explain just what about the comments themselves could have been objectionable. I suppose some might suggest that this amounted to “lecturing” Pence that his job was to uphold the expectations of the constitution and that this commitment should be assumed. I keep reading that such behavior is presumptuous and elitist.
I wish someone would make the effort to define elitism as used in this context. I assume whatever the term implies it must not be a good thing. Is it a reference to education level as the vote within certain categories of voters did break along a line defined by the amount of education? Why should being more education be regarded as a liability? Note, for example, that the Harvard or Yale pedigree of cabinet nominees seems always to be mentioned. There are a couple of areas in which I think education matters. The position of Mr. Trump on climate change and Mr. Pence on sexual orientation simply do not reflect the accepted positions of the scientific community. Put me down as a fan of this type of elitism.
It think it very possible some confuse elitism and idealism. The rejection of sexism, racism and scientific ignorance is not what I would label elitism. It is possible the assumption that such values are now uncommon may be idealistic and many are coming to grips with this reality,
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