Misinformation and the FCC position on neutrality

People may become annoyed with my frustration with the FCC and their rejection of net neutrality. There are so many things about the decision of the three person Republican majority that removed the protections to encourage what they describe as the opportunity for business innovation that I interpret as flawed.

One of the limitations in the pro-business position is the logic that competition will serve the needs of consumers. This position has been disputed. In defense of the pro-business and position, I listened to a Republican operative today make the statement that 90% of a choice among at least 5 providers and that should be plenty. This seemed completely inaccurate until he explained his interpretation. His logic was that most Internet use is now mobile (phone) and several providers offer unlimited plans.

If you actually know what this means, you know how misleading it is. I do not know of an unlimited phone plan that allows you to use your phone as a hotspot. So, if your use of technology can be completely accomplished with your phone it is true. However, if your needs require a tablet or computer, it is not. These same companies have data plans allowing use of your phone to provide access to a tablet or computer. I have one of these plans. The cost would be prohibitive for many individuals for say a 30 gig a month plan and even then you would burn through your data for the month say watching a movie or two and say a football game on ESPN3. You cannot have both plans at once – say to use your phone for entertainment and a data plan for work.

So, a very large proportion of people must function within a monopolistic Internet environment now unprotected by government regulation.

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